About Wildcorners Art

Constantly inspired by nature’s beauty, captivated by its diversity. The art I make is an expression of the love and appreciation I have of the natural world and a way of sharing it with you.

We continually look at our surroundings but do not always see, we too are a part of nature. We constantly change our environment to make us more comfortable, seemingly at any cost. The ethos of Wildcorners art activities has always been to reconnect people with natural history and the wild spaces we all share. By taking a closer look and recording the colour, patterns, and textures of a subject, or observing light effects and atmosphere, this is being informed and mindful of the impact we have on our surroundings, we can then more easily understand the way it affects us. Highlighting the importance of wildcorners everywhere, what lives in them, and bringing to people’s attention, the small fact, that humanity would not survive without them, if you are aware that something is precious you are more likely to look after it as you would a loved one.