I have been working as a professional artist since 1993. Originally from rural North Norfolk where the lifelong obsession for wildlife all began, out in the countryside helping my dad, who was a beekeeper. In the undergrowth, watching and sketching nature, this was and still is my inspiration.

I went on to study graphic design at Great Yarmouth college of art in the late ’80s then specialising in technical, Natural History Illustration at Bournemouth & Poole art college and design.

Before settling in Leicestershire I travelled widely to observe and draw wildlife in its natural habitats. Using my art to collaborate with environmental and conservation organisations such as Botanic Gardens Conservation International (at Royal Botanic Garden, Kew), W.W.F. Indonesia and Birmingham Botanic Gardens.

In recent years I’ve been lecturing for clubs and societies on drawing and painting at home and in the field, specifically watercolour technique, using art to highlight environmental issues like rare and endangered species now being lost. Through my painting, writing and photography, I try to convey the importance of preserving nature and creating new wildlife habitats wherever you are in the world.

Locally my time is spent implementing drawing and watercolour painting courses for community groups such as Age u.k. and running my own art classes and events. Encouraging people to have a go at painting, hopefully, giving them more appreciation of their natural surroundings and to be inspired by it, no matter how big or small their green space is.